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Simply Seaweed Dental Supplement for Dogs and Cats


Simply Seaweed is a daily organic dental supplement for dogs and cats to aid in dental health and the prevention of dental disease.

All profits go towards funding our life-saving animal rescue work!

Simply Seaweed is a daily dental supplement for dogs and cats. It is made from 100% Ascophyllum nodosum a species of seaweed that works to improve dental hygiene due to it's antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and anti-adhesive properties.

Benefits of Simply Seaweed

  • Aids in the maintenance of dental health and prevention of dental disease
  • Softens existing plaque and prevents new plaque is from sticking to teeth
  • Reduction or elimination of halitosis (bad breath)
  • Stain removal and whitening of teeth
  • All natural and organic
  • Is a great nutritional supplement rich in vitamins, minerals, amino acids, fatty acids, antioxidants and prebiotics.
  • No additives, preservatives or colouring
  • Sustainably harvested
  • Is an Australian ethical small business and social enterprise
  • Every sale helps support pets in need

Instructions of Use:

  • Sprinkle over food or mix into food once per day
  • If serving warmed food add to meal immediately prior to serving to your pet
  • Always consult your veterinarian for treatment and dosage recommendations before using this product

Daily Feeding Guide

Cats & Small Dogs (<10kg) 1 to 2 pinches
Medium Dogs (10 to 25kg) ⅛ to ¼ teaspoon
Large Dogs (25 to 50kg) ¼ to ½ teaspoon
Giant Dogs (50kg+) ½ to 1 teaspoon


  • Do not give to animals with thyroid issues unless under veterinary supervision
  • Do not give to animals that are allergic or intolerant to seaweed, kelp, fish, shellfish or seafood.
  • Not recommended for pregnant or nursing animals, or those under six months of age.
  • Only to be given under direct veterinary advice
  • Not to be resold
All profits go towards funding our life-saving animal rescue work!

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