Kong Cat Wobbler


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The Kong Cat Wobbler is an entertaining food dispensing toy designed to provide mental and physical stimulation to your cat. The Kong Cat Wobbler is excellent enrichment and encourages a cat's problem solving instincts as they knock and wobble the toy to dispense the food or treats within. Can be used during playtime to dispense small treats or at mealtime to help slow down fast eaters and encourage natural feeding behaviours.


  • Action packed food-dispensing toy that provides mental stimulation
  • Entertaining wobble sparks cats curiosity engaging over time
  • Remains upright until pushed or pulled by a paw
  • Allows cats to work for their food, engaging in natural instincts
  • Makes playtime fun and rewarding
  • Slows fast eaters
  • Unscrews easily to fill and clean


  • Colour: Purple with Black Tail
  • Height: 16cm