companion carers

Our Companion Carers provide critical support to the most vulnerable members of our community in times of crisis.

Imagine falling ill, having no family or friends to support you, and facing the very real possibility of having to surrender your dog or cat to a shelter simply because you were temporarily unable to care for them.

We understand the importance of the human-animal bond and we never want animals that have loving families to end up separated from their loved ones and put at risk of unnecessary euthanasia.

That is why we created Companion Carers, an outreach program that provides practical assistance to individuals that are temporarily unable to care for their pets due to illness or injury.

Our volunteer Companion Carers can provide basic animal care services all with the goal of keeping people and their pets together, giving humans the gift of time with their best friends when they need them the most, and reducing the number of animals being unnecessarily surrendered into shelters.

Service Area

Merri-Bek City Council

Service Duration

Up to 4 weeks

Referral Required

From a support worker

Animals Assisted

Dogs & cats


services include


Dog walking


Collecting & disposing of faeces


Feeding & watering


Transportation of animals


Dropping off pet supplies


Cat enrichment & playing


Litter tray cleaning


Medication administration


Basic grooming

We are here to help. If you have a client who requires assistance or you need more information regarding the program please don’t hesitate to get in touch.


When she fell ill and had no family or friends to provide support, Lee become reliant on the companionship of her beloved Rottweiler, Horse.

As the weeks passed, Lee’s condition worsened and caring for Horse became next to impossible. That’s when Companion Carers stepped in, providing Lee with the practical assistance she needed to keep Horse at home with her, instead of being forced to surrender her to a shelter.

The Companion Carers program has been made possible thanks to the generous support of SavourLife! SavourLife is a family-owned company inspired by a love for dogs and a desire to make a difference. They produce natural, Australian-made food and treats for dogs, and donate 50% of their profits to pet rescue organisations. To date, SavourLife has assisted in the successful re-homing of 37,000 dogs. For more information visit