Species: Dog
Breed: Poodle x Maltese x Bichon mix
Date of Birth: 22/03/2012
Sex: Male
Ideal Weight: 8kg
Microchip: 956000008536923
Source Code: RE100240
Adoption Fee: $350
Desexed: Yes
Vaccinated: Yes
Flea Treated: Yes
Wormed: Yes
Heartworm Tested: Yes
Heartworm Protected: Yes
Children Under 6 Years: No
Children 6-13 Years: No
Other Dogs: Unsure
Other Cats: No

Hello! My name is Reginald – but most people call me Reggie.

I am a happy-go-lucky 10yo boy who has had a rough time of late. Firstly, my family of 10 years moved house and decided I could not continue to live with them. Secondly, I found myself in a big, scary shelter which I did not like at all. Thirdly, I had very sore eyes which needed eye drops twice a day.

Fortunately, the wonderful team at Project Underdog rescued me and now I live in a warm, cozy house with my foster mum and her family.

I have a quiet doggie friend for company but I mostly love to be around people. Anyone who will shower me with love and affection will be rewarded with happy spins and joyful dances. My foster mum talks to me a lot during the day which is great because I’m blind. Don’t be fooled into thinking I am not independent though – it only took me a few days to figure my way around a new house and now I am the Master of my new domain.

I would prefer to live in a single storey house with a small courtyard or garden. I don’t need much space at all – just a sunny spot or two to bask in and easy access outside for toileting. I don’t really like it when the neighbour’s dogs bark but I am learning that I am safe in my own garden and they cannot hurt me. When I get scared I will rest my head on your shoulder for comfort. My foster mum says I am a super sweet little boy. I love to snuggle on the couch and sleep quietly next to you in my bed. I love to go for walks and explore new places with lots of smells. I don’t need long walks and I don’t pull on the lead so I would be a perfect companion for someone in their senior years. I promise to be super excited every time you come home and will happily announce your arrival. I don’t really care for toys (except for a Kong full of tasty treats or peanut butter), but I will play a game of spin or chasey with you when I’m feeling happy. My eyes don’t hurt anymore because I had an operation to remove them. They didn’t work anyway so I’m not bothered at all. While I am told that I look a bit weird at the moment, I will be cuter than ever when my hair grows back.