Species: Cat
Breed: Domestic Shorthair
Date of Birth: 28/04/2018
Sex: Female
Ideal Weight: 4kg
Microchip: 956000006465098
Source Code: RE100240
Adoption Fee: $199
Desexed: Yes
Vaccinated: Yes
Flea Treated: Yes
Wormed: Yes
FIV/FELV Tested: Yes
Children Under 6 Years: No
Children 6-13 Years: Yes
Other Dogs: No
Other Cats: Yes

Hi there! My name’s Ivy and I know, I know – I look just like I stepped out of a cartoon, especially when I saunter into a room with my tail at just the right jaunty angle.

I’ve got a sweet personality, but I take a little while to come out of my shell. Once I relax around you I’d love to spend my time sitting next to you on the couch, playing with as many (fake) mice as you can give me, and exploring all the heights in your home. I would love a cat tower or anything else tall that I could climb. I have a weakness for playing with string so it’s best not to leave your charger cables unattended when I’m around…

I’m people orientated and would prefer to be the only pet in your life, although I could be open to another cat if we got along well. I don’t shed much of my beautiful glossy fur and have a calm and relaxed approach to life.