Species: Canine
Breed: Terrier x
Date of Birth: 12/03/2011
Sex: Male
Ideal Weight: 8.5kg
Microchip: 956000002468128
Source Code: RE100240
Adoption Fee: $500
Desexed: Yes
Vaccinated: Yes
Flea Treated: Yes
Wormed: Yes
Heartworm Tested: 0
Heartworm Protected: Yes
Children Under 6 Years: No
Children 6-13 Years: No
Other Dogs: No
Other Cats: No

Introducing Benji, a 13-year-old brave little boy who’s young at heart and full of love. Despite facing the challenge of likely having cancer, Benji is a resilient, happy little guy who just wants love and a tummy rub. His spirit is unbreakable, and his joy for life is evident in everything he does.

Benji gets very excited for his daily walks and often leads his foster carer straight to the café he knows will give him treats. This little snack monster LOVES a treat and will patiently sit by anyone who might have something delicious to share.

The ultimate snuggle bug, Benji is often found curled up in his bed, on the couch, or basking in the sun.

While Benji is okay being home alone, he would ideally prefer someone who is home more often than not. He thrives in a quiet home where he can relax and enjoy his twilight years – having a small backyard for him to sun bake is a must!

Benji would love a peaceful, loving home where he can be your loyal companion. If you’re looking for a sweet, affectionate dog who will bring joy to your life, Benji is the perfect match. Are you ready to give this wonderful senior dog the loving home he deserves?

Dogs and young children can quickly overwhelm Benji, especially if they are jumping around in his face so we are looking for a home without dogs or small children.

Medical notes

Whilst undergoing an ultrasound for a urine collection, an enlarged prostate was discovered. The veterinary specialist has indicated that Benji may have early stage cancer in his prostate. While Benji is not currently showing any symptoms of this disease, he is on a daily medication (Meloxicam) to help slow down the progression. We note that the median survival time for this type of cancer is varied but could be up to 2.5 years. A phone consultation with our veterinarian is provided as part of the adoption.